CARISTO Management GmbH

Our most sustainable value
is partnership.

Our values.
For us, companies are much more than anonymous investment objects. We believe in long-term collaboration, trustful cooperation and the joint creation of sustainable growth. We uphold transparency, open communication and fairness – and we guarantee complete professionalism and commitment in all of our decisions.

How we work.
As a medium-sized holding company, we are not interested in short-term success or divestment. Instead, we see ourselves as a partner with a long-term focus and firmly believe that through collaboration and interaction with management and employees at eye level, we can achieve the best results for lasting company success and our stakeholders. All of our actions are done in a forward-looking manner with responsibility for all involved parties. We invest our resources in the sustainable development of our companies. 

We also follow the same approach in the real estate sector. 

Our focus.
We advise our portfolio companies on how to achieve sustainable value enhancement whilst supporting their investments during development, repositioning or expansion. 

The investment focus is on established, medium-sized companies with solid profitability and development potential.

In the real estate sector, we engage in the creation of long-term value and the sustainable improvement of profitability. Our activities concentrate on value-added and renovation properties.