CARISTO Management GmbH

Crystal clear: our investment profile.


  • General information: Marketable, medium-sized companies and group subsidiaries/divisions:
  • Requirements: Strong market position, growth potential and scalable business model
  • Region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Transaction volume: EUR 10-50 million
  • Turnover: from EUR 10 million
  • Exclusion criteria: no start-ups, minority interests, hard restructuring, heavy industry, automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fashion, online

Real estate:

  • Existing residential properties in Hamburg and Hamburg area for EUR 1-10 million
  • Land in Kassel, Goettingen, Fulda, Erfurt, Jena, Marburg, Gießen, Kiel, Luebeck with a gross floor area of 1,000-10,000sqm